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Meet the cast of the family vlog channel on YouTube, TheFunnyrats

Meet YouTube Daily Vlogger Lane Fournerat from TheFunnyrats

Whether it’s riding roller coasters, trying out new science experiments, enjoying the journey of being a dad, or embarking on new travelling adventures – he will vlog about it! Meet Lane Fournerat; a daily vlogger, and creator of TheFunnyrats. For many, daily vlogging is the “new online journal”, especially for Lane. “It’s always fun to go back […]

Here are the top social media mistakes that vloggers on YouTube should avoid when promoting their vlogging channels.

6 Social Media Mistakes That Vloggers Should Avoid

Let’s be honest – even those of us who considers ourselves to be social media geniuses often have a slightly confusing moment every now and again. It’s only natural! Social media is constantly shifting, constantly changing, constantly evolving, and it can sometimes be very difficult to keep up. You do not want to be someone […]

As a vlogger, you should always set goals to help you grow on YouTube. Use these 3 goals to help you build a bigger YouTube channel.

3 Big Goals That YouTube Vloggers Should Strive For This Year

Happy New Year! How ready are you to grow and succeed with your vlogs this year?! If you want to make your YouTube channel even more of a success in 2015 than it was in 2014, then you should make these three goals part of your New Year’s resolutions. These goals will definitely get you […]

Use these effective brand building tips for YouTubers and Vloggers to help get a bigger audience and more subscriptions for your YouTube channel.

5 Brand Building Tips for Vloggers

As a vlogger on YouTube, building a brand for your channel is essential for long term success.  When you think of high-performance running shoes and workout gear, you may immediately picture Nike’s swoosh symbol or Adidas’ signature stripes. This is an example that shows the power of branding. These companies have positioned their products in the […]

Use these tips for new vloggers on YouTube to help you increase your growth potential for your YouTube channel.

6 Tips to Help New YouTube Vloggers Get off to a Good Start

The goal of every new vlogger is to be successful with their YouTube channel. In order to increase your potential for success, it’s important to get off to a good start with your vlogging channel. In this article, we go over six tips to help new vloggers do just that! Start Setting Vlogging Goals When […]