Use these video branding tips for YouTube vloggers to help grow your vlogging channel. Creating a brand is essential to the success of your channel.

3 Branding Tips for New Vloggers on YouTube

If you want your YouTube vlogging channel to be successful, all you need – other than unique, entertaining, and/or informative content – is a little bit of savvy branding and marketing. By creating a brand that encompasses … [Read More...]

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Choosing a good YouTube name is not as difficult as you may make it. Here are some great ideas to help vloggers come up with a good vlog channel name!

Five Tips to Help You Pick a Good Name for Your Vlog Channel

A good name can make a company, and a bad name can end a company – even if what they do is really good. Although you may not realise this, that principle applies to people (just think of all the thought that went into baby Prince George of England’s name), and it even applies to […]

In this post, we go over some of the best ways to think of new YouTube video ideas when you can't think of anything.

What To Do When You Run Out of YouTube Video Ideas

Being a vlogger is amazing, and tiring, and fun, and isolating, and extraordinary, and sometimes very difficult. After all, we did not get into it to have an easy time – instead, we make videos that make us laugh, make us cry, and make us think. For those of you that have your very own […]

7 Ways To Get Your New Vlogs Noticed

This is a guest contribution from Tom Martin. It can be daunting when first starting a YouTube channel and you aren’t having the overnight success you dreamt of when you first turned on that camera. There’s good news though – You’re not alone. Everyone has to start somewhere, even the top vloggers in the world […]

Organization is an important factor for any YouTuber or Vlogger looking to grow their YouTube channel. These time management tips will help you organize more time for yourself to create those amazing vlogs and videos of yours.

How To Stay Organized as a Vlogger

When you have committed yourself to creating exciting, informative, and just generally fabulous vlogs, then you sign yourself up to something pretty important. That is because when people start to watch and listen to your vlogs, they will quickly expect you to deliver more and more of these excellent vlogs . . . all the […]

In this article, we go over some great tips to help you make a good YouTube logo for your vlogging channel.

How To Make A Great Logo For Your YouTube Channel

A well designed logo for your YouTube channel will instantly let users know who you are! It will be your calling card! Think of the McDonalds golden arches or the Nike check mark. Everyone knows what those logos stand for. Well, having a good logo for your YouTube channel is similar. Your logo is a […]